use HighPerformance nginX server on cPanel - Deploy PHP/Ruby/Python/NodeJS/ColdFusion and more

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cPanel servers performance is mostly limited by Apache WebServer it use .nDeploy allows a cPanel user to switch his domains to nginX which is a high performance webserver .The only other option a cPanel user has is to switch to a commercial high performance server

nDeploy request routing

Following features are currently supported

  1. Easy installation using yum repository

  2. Multiple backends which includes PHP-FPM, RUBY(rack/rails) ,PYTHON (wsgi) , NODEJS(version > 0.10), ColdFusion( Railo deployed on Tomcat/Resin)

  3. nginX terminates SSL as well as non-ssl connections .The SSL certificates configured in cPanel is automatically used .SSL configured for maximum security by default.

  4. IPv6 support .IPv6 address configured in cPanel is automatically used.

  5. nginX compiled with mod_pagespeed , ngx_cache_purge and Phusion Passenger

  6. Why is using nginX not as straight forward as apache ? - nginx has a different config file and config syntax which is very different from apache ;moreover nginX does not support dynamic loading of .htaccess files . So if a user wish to use nginX ;he must create nginX style configuration file . Luckily nDeploy does the heavy lifting for a Cpanel user and users has to add custom nginX configs only on rare cases.

    How does nDeploy compare to other solutions available for cpanel webservice performance enhancement - Most nginx and varnish plugins available on cPanel simply use nginX ,varnish or squid on port 80 and proxy the traffic to apache .While this alienates apache from direct contact with the user It doesnt solve the problem of a slow and memory hungry apache serving the requests . nDeploy solves this by replacing apache entirely with nginX .The only other replacement we are aware of is the commercial LightSpeed weberver .

    Is nDeploy compatible with other plugins - Mostly no as nDeploy's real intention is replacing apache and most other tools need apache .While it is theoretically possible for nginx to proxy to a varnish cache in the backend ; we believe nginx alone will do the job instead of having another proxy caching server in between . Moreover ..nginx itself supports caching in proxy and fastcgi (nDeploy also supports ngx_cache_purge out of the box) protocols ; if properly configured.

    Will nginX make my server fly - This is a question we often get! - There is no short answer for this . One must make a deeper study on webservices and its performance to understand the gravity of this question. Most modern high performance web deployments use nginX ; php-fpm is the recommended deployment method by PHP.NET .But in the end application response time and performance are dependant on user code and use of caching and other technologies . switching to nginX is a wise decesion to make your webstack lean and fast ;but it is only ONE decesion among a bunch of other steps you have to take to make your websites go fast .

Watch nDeploy in action:

Install RedMine in 5 Minutes on a cPanel server

nDeploy 5 minute Redmine Installation

Deploy a NodeJS application (Ghost) in 5 minutes on a cpanel server

nDeploy 5 minute NodeJs Deployment

Deploy a ColdFusion (cfml) application in 5 minutes on a cpanel server

nDeploy 5 minute ColdFusion Deployment


Please refer the nDeploy-Wiki


Installation and management of different script backends and correct setup of the plugin needs expert SysAdmins.Engineers at SysAlly provide plugin installation + 1 month premium support of the server at USD 75 per server . Please open a support ticket at support@sysally.net .If you are a customer who has already paid for the Installation of the the now retired cpXstack plugin we would provide free upgrades to nDeploy

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Please contact info@piserve.com for discussing a partnership with PiServe Technologies Pvt Ltd.

This software is proudly made in INDIA